Friday, April 12, 2013


“Know that everything is in perfect order whether you understand it or not.”
― Valery Satterwhite

Becoming aware is akin to knowing sureness.  It requires openness, vulnerability, and presence in our living.  It asks us not to close off in our judgments and preconceived ideas and concepts, but to look deeper and farther into our souls than ever we have.  It calls us to a lifelong commitment to discerning our soul’s purpose through intuition, wisdom, and rational thinking.
Knowing is a remembering of ancient archetypes combined with present moment occurrences, which bring the gift of perception beyond this material existence.  It encompasses reality, as we understand it, and faith in the mysteries we cannot fathom.  Knowing grows as a bedrock presence rooted in God and blossoms as the tree of life in our spirits.  It manifests as faith, tolerance for others and their ideas, and a belief that, indeed, the universe is evolving as it should.  We are evolving, and our journey in life can lead us to heaven, however we experience it here and in our life after physical death.

When you know, there is an outpouring of compassion and unconditional love, a deeper connection with all others and all that life brings your way.  When you meet a person like this, you sense a power beyond simple cognition.  When you meet a Buddha in the road, you encounter God’s presence.  When you touch life’s true meaning, you become alive, awake and aware, and your knowing transcends even faith.
Make knowing your handmaiden for a better life.  Hide not from the truths that confront you, that dance around the perimeters of your mind and your heart.  Use your discernment to find what is useful and edifying to your soul.

When you become aware, greet each other with love and connection to the divinity within.  Look the other in the eyes and feast on the Spirit within them and within your Self.  The eastern cultures have a word for this connection and deep recognition: Namasté - the Divine in me honors and blesses the Divine in you!  This is a knowing of the soul.

Knowing results from our journey within to awareness.  Knowing transcends living on this plane of existence.  It brings peace, a serenity and tranquility, a sureness of being.  It allows love to become our watchword here and our salvation at the end of this life.  It is the gift of transformation, enlightenment, and transcending.

-- Pete

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One thing is certain: Nothing is certain!