Monday, April 29, 2013


I am in catch-up mode on the A to Z Challenge, due to a major transformation of my garage last week.  These pictures show “before” and “after”:

The garage transformation took three weeks of sweat, tears, and a bit of blood!  However, transformation for humans is a continuous process of becoming, journeying through life, changing, and growing. 

We begin this process by awakening of our consciousness, stepping back from our 10,000 things and focusing on our reactions and their origin, starting our “work”.  The work is the hero’s (or heroine’s) journey through the accumulated detritus of our childhood and teenaged development, traumas, patterns of family dysfunction, incidents of neglect and abandonment, and our held feelings of sadness, fright, and deep anger.  All our negativity and disbelief is the result of human development.  It is up to you to sort through the refuse of your psyche, walk the junkyard of your life, and start to clean it up.
Your awareness of pain and your manifold wounds is necessary for growth and healing.  You must slog through the sewers of lost loves and lost opportunities, of hopes and dreams unfulfilled, of your resentments and hatred and grandiosity and addictions, of death rattles and endings, and in the end, you must let them all go.  You must persevere in your work; sometimes it takes years to undo a single moment of past trauma.  You must feel it, confront it, accept it, and then release it to the Universe.  Your release must be like the release of breathing out stale air and waiting to inhale.  You must then turn away from your swamp of misunderstanding, arise from the your slumber, and move toward the light born of your growing awareness.

As we do the work, we are able turn to a newness of life and an ever-increasing awareness of our true self.  We allow ourselves to embrace the great values of humanity and recognize divinity in all people.  The promise of a new way of living will be fulfilled.  The old energies of chaos and tension will transform into guided purpose and steady passion for good.
Our awareness will turn away from the past so we live fully, present and alive, and allow our evolution and unfolding.  Our gold will come forth to manifest love, peace, and a steadfast presence borne from our soul.  Ultimately, our work is a seeking and questioning of the mind of God within us.

-- Pete

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jan said...

It is absolutely true that it can take years to undo the damage left by a single moment in our past. After all, that's how we remember the past--in isolated moments in time.
ps: I could use some help with my garage...