Friday, May 3, 2013


“An eternity of wisdom and life lies waiting for discovery by those who are willing to embark on the mystical adventure.  All of our resources are within us.  All we need is our heart, our mind and the will to be something better than we are.”
-- Kim Chestney, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential

I failed to finish the A to Z Challenge of 2013 on time, so I blogged the last five letters today.  This was my first Challenge, so maybe that is a reasonable excuse.  However, I must admit that working on my garage last week sapped my time and energy, and I put priority on finishing it before the blog.  I like the result:

But about the blog: I learned so much, and i took the opportunity to listen to my inner self a bit while working on it.  Words.  So many words!  Sometimes I wonder, if I were a monkey at a typewriter, would I create a written masterpiece in a million years of existence?  

But then, the awareness of my soul calls me back to the reality of my delving into mysteries, and I realize my human potential.  I am awed by the wonder and excitement of this journey.  I remember with fondness the people I have met and served.  I bask in the awareness of the present moment, all of life in movement around me, life pulsating within me, and all I have learned.
Your soul calls, too.  Will you take your journey?

-- Pete

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The Leadership Mastery Map said...

Peter, What a wonderful effort on your part. Will continue to read them.

My wife Judith and you are fellow travelers. Take a look at her blog at

Bruce Anderson